Lorenzo Bizzarri

Born on August 15th 1973 in Bologna and here living in via Silvestro Lega, 1 (postcode 40133).


Mobile phone 347-7260748

e-mail: direttore@quadriclavio.it


Curriculum vitae

In 1996 he got his diploma in piano from conservatory "G. B. Martini" in Bologna under the guidance of Master A. Mostacci.

Again by the same conservatory he has been studying composition with Master A. Guarnieri and choral music and conduction with Master P. P. Scattolin.

He attended with very good results to the annual course in Choral Music, kept by Master B. Zagni, and took part to the 27th National Refresher Course in Coral Music and Conduction, organized by polyphonic association "Adone Zecchi" in Ravenna. He attended to the three year cours e in orchestra conducting kept by Master Vram Tchiftcian at Conegliano Veneto and at present he is studying opera conducting with Master C. De Sessa by the Philarmonic Academy in Bologna.

Moreover, he has studied opera singing with A. Bertacchi and A. Cesari (with whom he is still studying), obtaining immediately excellent results (he was a soloist in Mozart's Requiem in Modena with the orchestra of Teatro Comunale di Bologna and made his debut in Giordano's "Fedora" at Faenza).

Since he was 15, he has taken an active part in the world of choral music, at first as a choir member, then as a collaborator, and finally as a conductor of amateur and professional choirs.

At present he is a member of the camera vocal group "G. B. Martini" of Bologna; of the vocal ensemble "Vox Hesperia" with the aegis of the Philarmonic Academy of Bologna; of the vocal ensemble "Jubilate Consort" of Faenza.

He has been for six years the conductor of choir "S. Lorenzo" of Sasso Marconi, of which he is also the founder.

With this choir, which has been appreciated in several concerts and liturgical playings even outside the region of Emilia Romagna, he has executed A. Vivaldi's "Magnificat in G minor" , with philarmonic orchestra "Festivale" from Plovdiv (Bulgaria), A. Vivaldi's "Gloria RV 589", "Laudate Pueri" and "Lauda Jerusalem", with juvenile orchestra "Symphonia Ensemble", founded by himself.

In 1998 he founded vocal ensemble "A. Willaert" of Bologna, which he has conducted since then, and with which he has an important collaboration in progress with choir "Jubilate" of Faenza, conducted by Master Piero Monti.

Since december 1998 he has been the conductor of choir "Quadriclavio" in Bologna, with which he has executed Bach's "Magnificat in D major" (together with orchestra "Symphonia Ensemble") in the course of the review "Gli organi antichi, un patrimonio da salvare" ("Ancient organs, a patrimony to save"), W. A. Mozart's "Kronungsmesse" (performed in occasion of the housewarming of the hotel of Jaddico Sanctuary in Brindisi), Mozart's "Vespera Solemnes de Confessore" and Vivaldi's "Lauda Jerusalem", getting everywhere a large and unanimous success from the audience and the critics.

In 1999 he founded and has conducted since then juvenile orchestra "Symphonia Ensemble" of Bologna, made up in large part of members with a sound theatre experience.

With this orchestra he has played the "4th Brandeburghese Concerto" by Bach in the course of the important review quoted above; Vivaldi's concerto RV 565 for two violins and cello; "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" by Mozart; Mozart's concerto K414 in A major for piano and orchestra (piano A. Mostacci) and concerto K488 in A major for piano and orchestra (piano P. Pollice), Beethoven's Simphony n. 7 in A major Op. 92, besides all the pieces performed with choirs "Quadriclavio" and "S. Lorenzo".

He is the vice-president of cultural association "Le Voci del Reno" ("The voices of Reno") of Marzabotto (Bologna) with wich he organizes every year about ten concerts of choral and instrumental music. This event has seen the attendance of national level choirs, like "Euridice" (conductor Master P.P. Scattolin) and "Stelutis" (Master G. Vacchi).